Carina Gallo

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Carina Gallo is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Studies. She holds a Ph.D. from Stockholm University and an M.S. from Lund University in Sweden. Carina Gallo has a global perspective on research and teaching. Her interdisciplinary research addresses historical and international trends in crime and welfare policy, with particular attention to how policies and laws intending to support underrepresented and marginalized groups have developed over the last century. She is currently working on a book exploring the roots of the Swedish victim movement. Gallo is also interested in how technology can globalize the curriculum and has led virtual international exchanges where students in different countries learn together in online classrooms. In 2010, she won the Excellence in Teaching Award at Stockholm University, and in 2015 the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) honored her with the Burmeister Award. Before entering academia, she spent several years as a practitioner gaining valuable experience in the capacity of a social worker and leader in a non-profit organization.

Teaching interests

Dr. Gallo teaches CJ 450 Jails and Prisons, CJ 340 Comparative Criminal Justice, and CJ 699 Independent Study

Research interests
Comparative criminology, crime policy, critical victimology, welfare policy
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Svensson, K., & Gallo, C. (2018). En organisation med en tydlig karta: Formulering, frågor och fokus i Brottsofferjourernas Riksförbund 1988-2013 [An organisation with a clear map: Formulation, questions, and focus in Victim Support Sweden 1988-2013]. Research Reports in Social Work. Lund University: Lund.
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