Degree Requirements

We offer a BA in Environmental Studies; students choose their electives in consultation with an advisor or use the 3 sets of “guided electives” (see Roadmaps), and a BS degree emphasizing Natural Resource Management and Conservation. 

B.A. in Environmental Studies.

The BA in Environmental Studies requires 16- 18 units of science and research methods (6-8 units of chemistry, 3 units of physical geography or geology, 3 units of biology and 4 units of statistics and research methods), and 20-23 units of social sciences or humanities.

Review the degree requirements for the major.  

B.S. in Environmental Studies.

The BS degrees require a mix of social science and natural science, but with more weight toward natural science.  A B.S. is more appropriate if you plan to go to graduate school for further study in the biological and physical sciences, or if you plan to work in natural resources/wildlife conservation.  On the other hand, a B.A. is good preparation for law school, for work as a sustainability officer in city or state government, or in public education or advocacy at a nonprofit.

Review the degree requirements for the major.  

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