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  • One-hundred percent of students who graduate in academic year 2017-2018 were employed when they began the MPA Program. Many of them experienced career changes while pursuing their degrees, with 44% getting new jobs, 32% being promoted, 40% changing agencies, and 12% changing sectors.
    • Forty-seven percent (20) of those graduates responded to a survey we conducted asking about their employment status six-months after graduation. Of those, all were employed at the time the survey was conducted and 85% were employed within six months of graduation. Many of these graduates work in nonprofit organizations or local government agencies (29% each). Eighteen percent work for state government agencies, while 12% work for the federal government. The remainder work in the for-profit sector, evenly divide between research/consulting firms and non-research positions. All but one reported working at the same organization within six months of graduating as at the time of the survey.


 MPA Student Employment (Graduates 2018-2019)

2018-2019 MPA Graduates Employment