Fall 2020 Course on Urban Transportation in the Post Pandemic Future

Friday, May 01, 2020

GEOG/USP 433: Urban Transportation in the Post Pandemic Future. Fall 2020, M/W, 2pm-3:15pm

The Coronavirus pandemic created sudden and dramatic upheavals in urban transportation and accentuated debates about the future of public transit, urban space, and the social and environmental impacts of transportation.  All previous projections of mobility futures must be recalibrated and unanticipated new configurations of transport must be considered.  In Geography 433: Urban  Transportation (in the Post Pandemic Future), we will take stock of the massive changes happening due to the pandemic and the possible post-pandemic paradigm shifts ahead.  We will ask:

Who is moving, who is not moving, and what are social justice implications?

What are environmental and public health benefits of reduced traffic?

When & how will public transit and aviation recover?

How should we organize future public transit?

Where do we see new spaces for cycling and walking?                                                                                           

Students must be in good upper division standing but no pre-requisite is required. Students of all backgrounds with interest in cities, public spaces, social justice and the environment are invited to participate.  Please send any inquiries to Jason Henderson, Professor of Geography & Environment at SF State:  jhenders@sfsu.edu