Urban Action Journal

Published at SF State since 1979.  The Urban Studies and Planning Program publishes an annual journal called Urban Action. It is edited and produced entirely by students and consists of high quality student research papers, interviews, photo-essays, and related material of interest. While Urban Studies and Planning students usually form the majority of editors and contributors, participation by interested students in related majors is encouraged. Academic credit is available through USP 686.


Urban Action is an annual journal produced by students enrolled in Urban Studies and Planning courses at San Francisco State University.  This journal encapsulates current perspectives and outlooks in the field of Urban Studies and Planning.  The Urban Studies and Planning Program is proud to announce the publication of the 40th addition of Urban Action: A Journal of Urban Affairs (2019).  If you would like to purchase a full-color printed copy of the latest issue you can do so here for $20.  If you have been a part of the legacy in producing previous Urban Action journals or if you would just like to purchase, please contact us in reserving a back issues of Urban Action. 

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For editions from 2013--2004; contact pace@sfsu.edu