About AHRI

The Applied Housing Research Initiative (AHRI) seeks to expand faculty research on housing to develop a central hub at San Francisco State University where students, faculty, policy makers, practitioners and other housing leaders can come together to examine and understand housing policy issues in the Bay Area and beyond.

AHRI provides a platform for introducing innovative solutions to affordable housing problems through activities such as supporting faculty and student research, offering occasional practitioner (co-)taught courses on housing and hosting Distinguished Speaker Lectures.

  • AHRI collects ideas and pressing research and data needs from community stakeholders and responds by delivering timely and unique research solutions.
  • AHRI works with community organizations and local governments to define and respond to their specific research and data assistance needs.
  • AHRI seeks to enhance the educational experience of SF State students by bringing them into the most pressing research conversations in the affordable housing field.
  • AHRI expands upon current faculty research by facilitating short-term research projects and providing a platform for dissemination of the results.
  • AHRI amplifies the ongoing conversations about affordable housing issues and research concerns by hosting public speakers and panel discussions of the most salient issues for housing practitioners and researchers.