Gerontology Program

Established in 1986, SF State’s Gerontology Program is the only public higher education institution in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Gerontology. The Gerontology Program also offers two SF State Scholars Programs with accelerated, blended programs enabling students to earn two degrees in five years: B.A. in Social Work + M.A. in Gerontology, and B.A. in Sociology + M.A. in Gerontology. The M.A. in Gerontology is designed for students preparing for a career in the field of aging or in a related human service field. 

The M.A. in Gerontology is designed to: 1) emphasize the broad, interdisciplinary nature of issues which relate to and influence older adults; 2) provide students with the academic expertise, professional experience and research capabilities necessary to pursue advanced study at the doctoral and professional level; 3) prepare students for professional practice and leadership positions in the public and private sectors where gerontological knowledge is required; 4) empower students with a vision of diversity, social justice, consumer-driven services and global issues to promote intergenerational understanding and 5) invest in students a working knowledge of theoretical foundations and prepare students with tools to use quantitative and qualitative methods in applied research for solving a variety of practical problems in the community and link the micro and macro aspects of aging.

The SF State Scholars Program offers students a unique opportunity to earn two degrees (B.A. in Social Work + M.A. in Gerontology, or  B.A. in Sociology + M.A. in Gerontology) in five years.  This blended, interdisciplinary program is designed to provide students with an academic roadmap and meaningful opportunities to: 1) be active learners fully engaged in exploring our most important societal issues, 2) promote life-long learning, 3) a richer understanding of aging in the global world, and 4) a realization of the activist potential of our disciplines. Successful completion of  both degrees (B.A. in Social Work + M.A. in Gerontology, or B.A. in Sociology + M.A. in Gerontology) will enable students to master the knowledge, competencies and skills needed to leverage themselves for advanced doctoral/professional studies, productive career opportunitie and worthwhile service to a diverse community of elders.