Gerontology Program

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Interested in the world of aging? Join the movement to discover innovative ways to build age-friendly communities and programs! 

Welcome to the M.A. in Gerontology program, where we cultivate the next generation of leaders in aging studies. Our program is tailored to professional students seeking to make a meaningful impact in the lives of older adults. The M.A. in Gerontology is designed for graduate students to gain comprehensive and interdisciplinary knowledge of critical aging-related issues required in both the public and private sectors, particularly programs focused on older adults and their families. Our program prepares students to apply gerontological knowledge, practical training, and research skills to enhance the lives of older adults and advance their careers in the field of aging. We strive to empower students with a vision of diversity and social justice to create an age-inclusive society for people of all backgrounds and abilities through innovative solutions. Here's what sets us apart:

Interdisciplinary Focus: Dive into the rich tapestry of issues surrounding aging from various perspectives. Our curriculum emphasizes the interconnectedness of disciplines, providing you with a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing older adults.

Pathways to Advanced Study: Whether you aspire to pursue a doctoral degree or excel in a professional career, our program equips you with the academic rigor and research skills necessary for success. You'll work closely with experienced faculty who are committed to guiding you towards your academic and professional goals.

Preparation for Professional Practice: Gain the expertise and practical experience needed to thrive in diverse professional settings. From public agencies to private organizations, our graduates are equipped to assume leadership roles where gerontological knowledge is essential.

Commitment to Diversity and Social Justice: At our core, we believe in promoting inclusivity, social justice, and cultural competency. You'll graduate with a deep appreciation for diversity and a commitment to advocating for the rights and well-being of older adults from all backgrounds.

Research Excellence: Explore the latest theoretical frameworks and methodologies in aging research. Our program empowers you with both quantitative and qualitative research tools, enabling you to tackle real-world challenges facing aging communities with confidence.

Join us in shaping a future where aging is embraced with empathy, innovation, and resilience. Apply now and embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a leader in gerontology.

Established in 1986, SF State’s Gerontology Program is the only public higher education institution in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Gerontology. The Gerontology Program also offers two SF State Scholars Programs with accelerated, blended programs enabling students to earn two degrees in five years: B.A. in Social Work + M.A. in Gerontology, and B.A. in Sociology + M.A. in Gerontology. The M.A. in Gerontology is designed for students preparing for a career in the field of aging or in a related human service field. 

The SF State Scholars Program offers students a unique opportunity to earn two degrees (B.A. in Social Work + M.A. in Gerontology, or  B.A. in Sociology + M.A. in Gerontology) in five years.  This blended, interdisciplinary program is designed to provide students with an academic roadmap and meaningful opportunities to: 1) be active learners fully engaged in exploring our most important societal issues, 2) promote life-long learning, 3) a richer understanding of aging in the global world, and 4) a realization of the activist potential of our disciplines. Successful completion of both degrees (B.A. in Social Work + M.A. in Gerontology, or B.A. in Sociology + M.A. in Gerontology) will enable students to master the knowledge, competencies and skills needed to leverage themselves for advanced doctoral/professional studies, productive career opportunities and worthwhile service to a diverse community of elders.