MPA Program: Cost of Degree

Cost of the Degree Program with Fall 2020 tuition:

Costs 0-6.0 Units Per Semester 6.0 and more Units Per Semester
Tuition $2,082 $3,588
Fees 849 840
MPA fee 430 850
TOTAL $3,361 $5,287
Number of Classes Per Semester 2
Number of Semesters (13-14 courses) 6-7 5
Cost of Degree Program $20,166- $23,527 $26,435
  • Currently, the average numbers of semester a student takes to complete the MPA at San Francisco State University is 6.3 semesters. This is a significant drop in time to graduation from 2013, when the average number of semesters was 7.1. This can be attributed to the removal of bottleneck courses and requirements and the timely addition of courses to meet student demand. As a result, the overall degree costs less for the average student. 
  • The Bursar’s Office maintains a complete schedule of tuition and fees. 
  • In addition to general scholarships offered across the University, the Public Administration Program offers two scholarships exclusively to MPA students each year
    • The Willie Brown Fellowship ($10,000 per year for two years with internship)
    • The Barney T. Deasy Honorary Scholarship ($9,000 for students with interest in affordable housing).  
  • Information about other scholarships and financial assistance can be found at the University’s Office of Financial Aid  or by visiting a financial aid counselor at the Student Service Building during their office hours.
  • SF State’s Fellowships Office is available to assist undergraduates, graduate students and recent alumni in applying for nationally competitive fellowships, scholarships and grants, as well as system-wide awards offered by the California State University system.