MPA Program Internships

Most of our students are employed full-time and attend school part time. Consequently, only a small minority of students are required to complete an internship to meet the degree requirements; most are able to obtain a waiver of the internship requirement. Requests for waivers to the internship requirement must be made in writing and submitted to the MPA Graduate Coordinator for review and approval. During academic year 2019-2020, MPA students held internships at the following agencies:

Fall 2019

  • Office of the Controller, Procurement Systems Division (Willie L. Brown, Jr. Fellowship
  • Office of the Controller, City Services Auditor Division (Willie L. Brown, Jr. Fellowship)
  • San Francisco Living Wage Coalition

Spring 2020

  • Center for Resource Solutions
  • Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
  • Oakland City Council
  • Department of Emergency Management, City & County of San Francisco (Willie L. Brown, Jr. Fellowship)
  • Office of the Controller, Public Finance Division, City & County of San Francisco (Willie L. Brown, Jr. Fellowship)

Earlier internship placements have included:

  • International Rescue Committee
  • City of Martinez Park and Recreation Department
  • Neighborhood Empowerment Network, City & County of San Francisco
  • Project Rebound
  • San Francisco City Supervisor Malia Cohen’s Office
  • U.S. Government Accountability Office
  • Veterans Services, SF State University