Emiko Takagi

Emiko Takagi

Associate Professor
GRN Advisor
Phone: (415) 338-3557
Email: etakagi@sfsu.edu
Location: HSS 235

Please note that Dr. Takagi is currently on summer break and will be unavailable until the fall semester begins. For any inquiries, please wait until the end of August to contact them. Thank you for your understanding.

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Emiko Takagi is an Associate Professor in the Gerontology Program at San Francisco State University.  She received her bachelor's degree (B.S. in Human Sciences) from Osaka University, Japan, her master's degree (M.S. in Gerontology) from the University of Arizona, and her doctoral degree (Ph.D. in Sociology) from the University of Southern California.  She has been teaching a number of gerontology courses to both undergraduate and graduate students including Introduction to Gerontology, Aging and Society, Age and Policy Analysis, and Aging and Diversity.  Through her research, Dr. Takagi has been inquiring how social relationships, networks, and support systems influence the well-being of older adults. Her current research particularly focuses on the issues related to older adults' loneliness and social isolation in different national contexts. 

Teaching Interests

Her teaching interests include social, cultural, and policy issues for diverse groups of older adults, by covering topics such as: informal and formal support for older adults, culture and aging, and global aging.  She hopes that her teaching will inspire the next generations of gerontologists to develop many more creative and innovative ways to serve the needs of older adults and their families.

Research Interests

Her research examines the relationships between older adults' social network and well-being by examining issues such as intergenerational family relationships, social support, loneliness and social isolation in later life.  Her research involves older adults in various national contexts, including the U.S., Japan, and Singapore.  


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