Public Administration Careers and Career Services

  • Go to SF State Career and Leadership Development for assistance with your career services
  • Make sure to catch the career panels and speakers hosted by PACE and CLD throughout the semester
  • Ninety percent of students who graduated in academic year 2021-2022 were employed when they began the MPA Program. On average, they had 11 years of professional experience.
    • One hundred percent indicated they were on the right career track when they graduated as compared to when they began the program.
    • Many of them experienced career changes while pursuing their degrees, with 53% being promoted, 37% getting new jobs, 26% changing sectors, and 21% changing agencies.
  • Our 2021-2022 graduates felt that the MPA Program prepared them well for their careers. According to the exit survey that year, on average graduates scored us near the top of a 7-point rating scale for each of the following:
    • Feeling qualified for an entry-level position (6.6)
    • Freeling qualified for a mid-level position (6.3)

MPA Student Employment (Graduates 2021-2022)

Six months after our Academic Year 2021-2022 graduates completed their degrees, 41% were employed by domestically focused nonprofit organizations while 35% were employed by city, county or other local governments. Another 10% were employed by state or regional governments, and 7% in the private sector.

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