Willie L. Brown, Jr. Fellows Profiles

Meet our Spring 2024 Willie L. Brown, Jr. Fellows! Whether through engagement in city-wide initiatives, mentorship connections, or networking platforms, Willie L. Brown, Jr. Fellows are equipped with invaluable skills and connections during their time in the program. Our goal lies in spotlighting the profiles of our undergraduate and graduate fellows each semester, underscoring the diverse array of placements accessible to Willie L. Brown, Jr. Fellows, as well as the extensive opportunities for professional growth to our wonderful alumni. 


Willie Brown Fellow Dianne Argueta

Dianne Brigitte, she/her

Placement: San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Shamman Walton's Office- District 10

Dianne Brigitte Argueta, born and raised in the Bay Area, is a first-generation college student who’s graduating as a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology at SFSU, spring 2024. It has been a journey, but nonetheless she is ultimately thankful for where inspiration and resilience has taken her, a message she aims to instill in future generations. She wishes to advocate for system-impacted children, but overall, children who need help navigating intimidating, yet grand futures.

Willie Brown Fellow Zoe Eichen

Zoellen (Zoe) Eichen she/her, they/them

Placement: San Francisco Planning Department

Zoe Eichen is a student at San Francisco State University. She is majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Conservation & Land Management. She also interned with Literacy for Environmental Justice, using her passion for environmental justice to uplift the local environment and those who inhabit it, promoting safety, community, and education. She also plans trips through her university’s campus recreation outdoor department, whose mission is to remove barriers for students to experience the outdoors. Her creativity and senses of justice both for environmental protection and ensuring inclusion of everyone who seeks such guide her career and actions.

Willie Brown Fellow Leslie Contreras Amador

Leslie Contreras Amador, she/her

Placement: San Francisco Committee on Information Technology

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Leslie Contreras Amador is a first-generation Mexican American college student currently in her fourth year of undergraduate studies at San Francisco State University expected to be finished by Fall 2024.

Leslie is pursuing triple majors simultaneously: a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with dual concentrations in Information Systems and Decision Sciences, and a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Adolescent Development with a focus on Community, Health, and Social Services. Her academic journey mirrors her dedication to interdisciplinary learning, seamlessly integrating technology, business acumen, and social services. Through her studies, Leslie aims to embody innovation and service, striving to make a positive impact in her community and beyond.

Willie Brown Fellow Ruth Eskias

Ruth Eskias, she/her

Placement: San Francisco Human Rights Commission

Ruth Eskias was born and raised in Ethiopia. She moved to the United States as a high school sophomore with her older brother. She is currently a graduating senior at San Francisco State University, majoring in Public Health and minoring in Women's Health Issues and Counseling. She chose Public Health because she always had a deep-rooted interest in helping others. With her chosen path in Public Health, she hopes to work on social justice issues in and outside the United States. Ruth is excited to see what the Willie Brown Fellowship offers and hopes to broaden her knowledge in Public Health through a work-integrated learning opportunity.

Willie Brown Fellow Emmanuella Dorsaint

Emmanuella Dorsaint, she/her/hers

Placement: San Francisco Public Defender's Office

Emmanuella Dorsaint, a 22 year old, 5'2" Female born in Haiti, is a multilingual individual who fluently speaks Haitian Kreyol and French. Her passions lie in literature, as she has a deep love for both reading and writing. In her leisure time, Emmanuella finds solace in gardening or immersing herself in the captivating world of horror films.

Currently a senior at SF State, Emmanuella is pursuing a major in Political Science and a minor in Anthropology. Driven by a steadfast determination, her ultimate goal is to become a lawyer, aspiring to advocate for justice and contribute meaningfully to the legal profession. Emmanuella's journey is marked by a strong academic foundation and a diverse range of interests, showcasing her commitment to both intellectual pursuits and personal growth.

Willie Brown Fellow Natalie (Alie) Granados

Natalie (Alie) Granados she/her, they/them

Placement:  San Francisco Department on the Status of Women

Alie Granados is a 20 year old senior studying Public Health while also working on finishing a certificate in Biotechnology. She is a dual credit alumnus & transfer student, which translates into being a huge advocate for higher education. Alie was born & raised in Vallejo, CA, so she is from just across the Bay. She loves nature & traveling, feeling the entirety of those experiences. She currently works as an Ophthalmic Technician at a very big practice in Pacific Heights, but is looking to move to a practice closer to campus. She works events at a golf course as well and also for music festivals along the Central Coast. Alie loves keeping herself busy & utilizing the skills she has learned along the way to make things run smoothly.

Willie Brown Fellow Billey Le

Billey Le, he/him

Placement: San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing

Billey Le grew up in a normal house with 2 parents and a brother. He got addicted to drugs at a young age, 12, and got into trouble with the law early in middle school for vandalism. He used a lot of drugs through high school and onwards. Billey was incarcerated at 18 for residential burglaries, then at 23, he was arrested and did an 11-year term for robberies. He currently has 7 strikes in the state of California, but he has reflected on his actions that are deemed as anti-social and now is trying to live a positive life that encompasses helping others. He is now at San Francisco State University, as a Psychology Major, figuring out how to use his skill sets in the best position possible- helping others.

Willie Brown Fellow Marie Madeleine Toure

Marie (Mado) Madeleine Toure, she/her

Placement: San Francisco Department of Public Health

Mado Toure was born and raised in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. During Mado’s last year of high school, she was unsure what she wanted to study. Her mother had a stroke the same year, she spent all her time at the hospital. She was in contact with many specialists and saw happiness on the faces of healed patients. She understood that she wanted to study health and work in this field. She shared this passion for science with her parents and they were happy to see that finally, she found her voice. Mado wanted more than what her country could offer her. In 2021, when she first came to study in the US, she was sure of two things: this is the place she wanted to be because of the quality of American college education and the opportunity to achieve her goals. After completing her Bachelor's degree in public health, Mado would like to go further and get my Master's Degree and PhD in the field. Some people would say that her goals are pretty ambitious, but her principal reason is that she is yearning for knowledge. Her dream is to create a Non-governmental organization back home in Côte d’Ivoire that could help children in their school education. Mado will continue to give her best to make her mother proud

Willie Brown Fellow Megan Rogers

Megan Rogers, she/her

Placement: San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Dean Preston's Office- District 5

Megan R. Rogers is nearing the end of her academic pursuits at San Francisco State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health and double minor in Studio Art and Holistic Health.

Her endeavors with local nonprofits have centered on supporting our neighbors facing housing insecurity, advocating for safe/sustainable housing, and providing support for those struggling with mental health and/or substance use.  

As a Native daughter of San Francisco, her roots trace to the Gold Rush Era, instilling in her a deep sense of responsibility and a profound commitment to San Francisco’s well-being. 

Outside of academia and advocacy, you may find her cheering at local sporting events, navigating the arts, exploring diverse cuisines, and nurturing a love for travel, nature, and animals.

Megan is excited about the prospect of weaving together her diverse experiences into a fulfilling career that also aligns with her values and contributes positively to our communities, and beyond. 

Willie Brown Graduate Fellow Candice Branner

Candice Branner, she/her

Graduate Fellow Placement: San Francisco Board of Supervisors Office, District-10

Candice Branner is pursuing a Masters degree in Public Administration from San Francisco State University, where she also received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and a Minor in Africana Studies. Her journey into Public Administration was ignited by personal experiences that deeply resonate with her. Her son's diagnosis of Autism in 2018 was not only a personal challenge but also a catalyst for her pursuit of knowledge and action. Navigating the complexities of the public special education school system exposed her to the inequalities that many families face, especially in urban communities like the ones she grew up in and currently resides in. This personal journey has fueled her passion to delve deeper into the policies and governance structures that shape daily lives. She aims to equip herself with the necessary knowledge and skills to make meaningful contributions to the public sector. In line with this, she applied to the Willie L. Brown internship, where she hopes to gain hands-on experience and insights into the workings of the public sector. Her ultimate goal is to establish a nonprofit agency dedicated to supporting families of individuals with disabilities. She aspires to pursue a career in analyzing policies for a government agency. She believes that by doing so, she can contribute to being a part of change that influences policies that are inclusive, equitable, and responsive to the needs of all members of society


Willie Brown Graduate Fellow Alondra Mora

Alondra Mora, she/her

Graduate Fellow Placement: Port of San Francisco

Alondra Mora is the proud daughter of two immigrants who moved their whole lives to the United States. As a first-generation Mexican American, she is still learning to navigate her life in a new country with her family—creating a pathway her younger siblings can follow. She has struggled her whole life with the language barrier, as her first language is Spanish. Learning the language was a massive struggle throughout school; she would fall behind because of the language barrier and it also started to affect her confidence. Although she struggled throughout school, she has learned how to manage fears, anxiety, and barriers. Her experiences have shaped her and will continue to shape her. For her bachelor's degree, she focused on Environmental Studies; the environment is a significant part of our life and will only get more critical. Throughout the four years, she also learned the importance of policy and how it goes hand in hand with the environment. The environment relies on policy because change will only be made with it. This led her to pursue a master's in Public Administration

Willie Brown Graduate Fellow Rosine Garcia

Rosine Garcia, she/her

Graduate Fellow Placement: San Francisco Board of Supervisors Office, District-10 (Completed)

Rosine Garcia is pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration candidate at San Francisco State University. She received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Hospitality Management, and a minor in Chicanx-Latinx Studies from the University of San Francisco. Her most recent experience was serving as the Site Director at the Mission Food Hub where she oversaw all Mission Food Hub staff, interns, & volunteers and was the primary communication for all community-based organization partnerships. Through her time at the Mission Food Hub, Rosine has grown a passion for helping Latino immigrants get the resources that they need to survive. Her passion lies in uplifting underserved communities and empowering them with the tools they need to succeed.

Willie Brown Graduate Fellow Demi Vera

Demi Vera, they/them

Placement: San Francisco Grants for the Arts (Completed)

Demi Vera, a Queer Afro-Puerto Rican from The Bronx, NYC, is a socially-conscious community organizer pursuing their second year in the San Francisco State University MPA program, with a focus on race and resistance. Demi's work spans facilitation, grassroots organizing, and workshop development. As a Willie Brown recipient, Demi previously served for SF Grants for the Arts, developing tools for equitable granting amongst San Francisco-run LGBTQ organizations.