Edwin Cabigao, MA, PhD, RN, Director of Clinical Services at Generations Healthcare: Breathing new life into post-COVID clinical care


Congratulations-- Dr. Edwin Cabigao-- on your impressive innovation and leadership in aging and long-term care administration!  Cabigao is a proud SF State alumnus with a BS in Nursing and MA in Gerontology.  He also holds a PhD in Healthcare Administration and is licensed as a RN.  In McKnights Long-Term Care News, Kimberly Marselas shares an “onward and upward” article about his professional contributions to the field of aging and long-term care administration.  According to Marselas, A centralized clinical approach and operational changes that put patient care first are critical for building a forward-thinking and sustainable long-term care organization. Those hands-on elements are guiding Edwin Cabigao, PhD, RN, director of clinical services at Generations Healthcare.

The chain operates 30 skilled nursing, transitional care and assisted living facilities in California and Nevada.  The 24-year-old for-profit is recommitting to its strategy of smart growth while also bringing pandemic-era lessons on flexibility and leadership into the mix. Cabigao, who led Generations’ COVID-19 response, insists patient care must continue to guide operators even as the pressure of understanding the virus is replaced by overwhelming staffing and fiscal challenges.

“If you put clinical at the forefront of the business, if you put patient care at the very front of operations, everything will follow,” Cabigao said.  In the months leading up to the pandemic, Generations broke ground on a new two-building campus in Temecula, CA. The 116-bed healthcare facility’s opening was delayed by COVID, but not deterred. It opened last summer and is largely focused on transitional care as a partner to a nearby hospital specializing in advanced cardiac services and stroke care.

Generations also offers its Special Treatment Program in some settings, providing psychiatric care for patients who need skilled nursing services. Its goal is to return patients to the community and to limit or reverse functional deterioration. Some facilities are adding space to accommodate additional beds, while a new companion program developed by Cabigao will seek to bring better behavioral health competency to all Generations facilities.  For more information, please see the full 7/15/2022 news story at the link above.