MPA Degree Info Sessions for CSU Employees Interested in the Fee Waiver Benefit

July 28, 2023

Interested in furthering your career? Develop the skills and knowledge you need to be most effective in your role in the public or nonprofit sector.   Curious about the fee waiver benefit? Attend an MPA Info Session! The fee waiver program allows eligible employees to take courses at a CSU campus for career development; and undergraduate or graduate degrees to enhance current job-related skills.

Our nationally recognized program will enhance your executive and managerial capacity to meet the human capital challenges confronting the nation today. A rigorous curriculum of public and nonprofit management and leadership blends with elective flexibility in areas like data analytics, sustainability studies, and crisis management. The degree provides a strong pathway to a service career within government, non-profit, and the community. MPA graduates routinely deploy their competencies in budgeting, human resource, and network management to lift up their communities.

Look forward to high-quality mentorship and job opportunities with our alumni network in the Bay Area and beyond. Located in the heart of San Francisco, California, grow with the MPA program steeped in diversity and social justice values! For more information, email and visit 

In-Person Info Session for CSU Employees in Library 286

Thursday, August 3, 12-1:00 pm
Thursday, October 26, 12-1:00 pm

Reflections from SFSU Employees who are MPA Alumni

SF State’s MPA program has provided me a strong foundation to holistically understand and
address the needs of our most at‐risk students. The program’s multidisciplinary approach
ensures the policies and interventions I promote are comprehensive in nature.
David Woo, Director, Director of CoSE and HSS College Advising Teams, Undergraduate
Advising Center MPA ‘06

Going back to school is not an easy decision, but the fee waiver took the financial stress out of
the equation. You get the freedom to tailor the courses to your own interests and passions, and
the faculty will mentor you along the way. The program has helped me to become a better
writer, leader, and public servant. Getting your MPA will not be easy, but it will be worth it.
Shae Antonette Hancock, Chief of Operations, University Enterprises, MPA Spring ‘23

The MPA made a leader who uses critical thinking; understands the value of partnering,
teaming, and collaboration to achieve unified organizational goals; and is open to the
perspectives of others.
Troy Liddi, Police Lieutenant, SF State Police Department, Retired, MPA ‘07

The MPA program has provided me with a solid foundation in which I can be an administrator, who
exudes integrity, collaboration, and inclusiveness. I now have the resources to strengthen my
leadership, critical thinking, presentation skills, organizational behavior and public policy.
Jen Gasang, Executive Director, Institute for Civic & Community Engagement, MPA ‘16