Sparks discusses SF Homelessness on News in Context

Author: Bridget McCracken
November 27, 2023

Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning Tony C. Sparks was the featured guest recently on the “News in Context ” podcast on KSFP-FM. Dr. Tony Sparks is the author of the forthcoming book Tent City Seattle: Refusing Homelessness and Making a Home (2024, University of Washington Press). 

On the episode, Sparks explores the issue of homelessness in San Francisco and the persistent challenge of how to ensure that everyone has adequate housing. The episode also explores why the U.S. faces these issues, what can and can’t be done at various levels of government and how to reframe the way housing and homelessness are discussed to help rethink solutions.

“There’s a fundamental problem with housing being an exclusionary commodity that will always pose any problem for a government,” Sparks said.